Pit Fighting

No magic, no weapons, no holds barred! The first to land three hits gets the acclaim and a free drink. Wanna fight? When the hat goes around, throw your name in to get matched up at random-late night hours opens up for challenge matches! 


Just want to relax with your bloodsport? A bit parched while you bet? Come enjoy one of our exclusive mixed cocktails while the teeth fly.

Shot Roulette

Are you ready to experience pain and pleasure on a whole new level? Is risk the spice of life? Prepared to take your luck in hand and taste your fate? Spin the wheel and take your chances with Shot Roulette-with forty possible shots will you get a Good End or a Bad End? Play against your friends and see who hits the floor-some of the shots are non alcoholic, but that doesn't mean you'll be spared!

Local Beers

We have several classic favorite brews on draft, and if your brewery would like to get on our taps, just send us a keg and a note!


Kogoeru Naosiene

Balmung, Crystal Shard

Shirogane, <19.13>



Alternating Wednesdays
8 pm, Eastern Shroud Time


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